We got a French Bulldog with Hungarian heritage that was born in Newcastle and now lives in London and we called him Tokyo. 

On our puppy’s 6 month “birthday” I finally got round to writing a post about him. His name is Tokyo and he is a blue pied French bulldog, and he is the best doggie in the world.  During our first weeks of being puppy carers some of our friends visited (at that time we were basically hostages of the tiny furry thing). When they arrived, one of them asked how old was he, at that point he was only 10 weeks, and she responded with the most assertive comment: “wow, 11 weeks ago you were not even here and now you are here and you exist so much!” and that is how I would describe Tokyo. He just exists so much: he is super energetic, super curious, super playful, super sleepy and super flatulent.

I’ve always wanted a puppy, and Edward knew about it because luckily I reminded him every-single-day. Because what if he forgot?!  Eventually, Edward and I filled out a bucket list notebook and realised we hadn’t done much of our list.  We decided it was time to complete one of our ‘life missions’ and get a puppy. I spent most of the following weeks looking for breeders and puppies, until almost by chance I saw a new litter being announced. A couple of minutes later I was on the phone with the breeder, and oh god how I hate phone calls with strangers but the next day we were on a train to Newcastle to meet the puppies.

It only took 5 minutes for us to know that Tokyo was going to be our puppy, he cuddled up with me and had a little snooze. He tricked us into thinking he was a calm little chap, and at that point I didn’t know how hard the first couple of months were going to be. Having a puppy is incredibly rewarding but brace yourselves for the chaos, lack of sleep, unpredictability and, let’s face it, poops, that the fur ball brings.

It took us a while to adapt to each other’s company and for Tokyo to grow into a more coherent and comprehensible little animal. Now we are all part of the same family. Tokyo is the best company and the best mood booster you can ever ask for. He is so funny, silly and affectionate that it’s impossible not to feel happy when he’s around. He loves his toys, and his favourite activity is to bite his chewer whilst laying on our bed (aka ‘Tokyo’s bed’.).

I’ve always wondered what kind of weirdo spends their time reading about canine nutrition and creates an Instagram account for their own puppy.

It turns out it’s the kind of weirdo that has a dog like Tokyo and I couldn’t be happier to be one of them.

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Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Above: Tokyo sleeping on his bed while Edward naps in the bath …


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