“Tale as old as time” Afternoon Tea at Town House at The Kensington

Have I ever written that many fancy words in quick succession? No, this is a first. Even reading the title of this blog post makes me feel like I am not living in a tiny flat in East London but in the French Rococo where the Beauty and The Beast were definitely real.

As for many people born in the 90’s, The Beauty and the Beast was an important part of my childhood. I would watch the film as many times as the day could possibly handle and I would recreate the iconic scenes wearing my homemade Belle costume. Luckily for me I have an older brother who very willingly reenacted the part of the Beast. There I was, rocking my lovely blue villager dress, swinging a wicker basket in the air whilst my brother endured wearing a faux fur makeshift Beast mask whilst tiptoeing around the house because everyone know that is the way all beasts walk. Of course, on more special occasions we would dance to the latin version of Celine Dion’s song, we would put up a show for our parents who enjoyed this display of sibling love or this timeout of constant fighting over who had the most space in the back seat of the car. Whatever the reason, we all enjoyed it and I think you could say that The Beast was my first love.

The Beauty and the Beast will always be the first thing I ever felt passionately about, later in life, afternoon teas have become another passion of mine. Naturally, when my 90’s-born-friend Inge told me about the special Beauty and the Beast themed afternoon tea happening in London, we both freaked out. We booked it as early as possible, which was 4 months before the actual date. Then, we both forgot about it until last week.

The venue for this afternoon tea is the Town House at The Kensington, the rooms are incredibly adorned and of course they have high ceilings because that is fancy. The afternoon tea is what you would expect, only a million times better. You are greeted with a starter of a lovely quiche and a venison pie followed by the most incredible display of childhood memories. In the bottom tier you have some homemade baguettes that are to be accompanied by the smoothest chocolate ganache; in the middle tier you find your savoury treats are the poshest sandwiches in town; and for the big finale you fall in love with the sweetest desserts that include Chip, Clogworth and a jelly with a suspended edible rose petal (what!? YES).  Of course they couldn’t forget Lumière and Mrs. Pott so they are part of your table setting.

Even if I wanted to, I don’t think I would be able to explain how happy this experience made me. Here I am, feeling like a 4 year old again singing to the Disney soundtrack whilst writing this blog post. There are so many things to see and do in London but definitely this was one of my favourites. It all came together, lovely company, amazing venue but most importantly an incredible amount of edible nostalgia.

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