Our short trip to Todos Santos, Baja California Sur.

One of the first things that I wanted Edward to know about Mexico was how diverse and large it is. I kept telling him about Mexican geography and how the biggest Mexican state is larger than Spain. I explained to him that even though he met me as a suburban chilanga – or Sateluca, the slang word for people living in Satelite, a residential area of Mexico City.  It is a bit like living in Zone 4. Truth be told, we all know it isn’t really Mexico City. Anyway, I wanted Edward to know that being a Sateluca wasn’t what I identified with as the first years of my life I spent them in La Paz, Baja California Sur, a place that is miles different from the hectic capital life. I was only 3 years old when I left La Paz but I can vividly remember some experiences but most of all there is this feeling of content whenever I recall those very short but specific memories. When Edward herd me speak about this Mexican region we decided that one day we had to go to Baja as there’s only a few things I wouldn’t do for a fresh fish taco. In an almost spontaneous way, at least for us, we managed to tie up a trip to Baja when we visited Mexico last April.

We flew to La Paz and we rented a car to drive to Todos Santos. A small little town between La Paz and Cabo. The road was filled with enormous saguaros- or massive cacti!- and a desert vibe that made me feel like I was on the coolest roadtrip. To balance out the coolness, we played the soundtrack to Moana and felt our dorky-selves again. After an amazingly straight motorway we arrived in Todos Santos. I felt like a rally driver when I discovered that our hotel was up a few dirt roads away. It was remote, and it was perfect.

What I loved about Todos Santos- let me be straight with you, I don’t know much about it or its development- was how peaceful and incredibly scenic it is. We woke up every morning to the sound of massive waves crashing into the shore and ended every day watching the golden sunset whilst we drank horrible lagers and incredible Californian white wines. I am sure there are worst ways of living.

The best way to describe this very particular Mexican town is to say that it almost feels like an outloud secret. It is remote and tranquil but it has the best restaurants, the most divine fish tacos and a thriving artistic scene that I haven’t seen anywhere else. It feels like a town that is meant to be discovered but you also want to keep quiet because that is one of its best features. It is practically peopleless! And let me tell you that after a couple years of working in customer service this is DE-LIGHT-FUL.

I would be lying if I said we didn’t contemplate starting a new life in Todos Santos, I was going to set up my BB and Edward was going to be a best seller writer. Our imaginary life was all planned and set up. We discussed our options whilst sun tanning in an empty beach. You know where to find me if one day I leave the city life…

Mariana Beresford

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