Let’s build a wall of art.

Despite the political undertones in the title of this blog post, I must confess that I am one who prefers to spend her leisure time scrolling down Pinterest than reading articles shared on Facebook regarding the impending doom we currently find ourselves in. Pinterest seems like a safe heaven for me.

I have spent more hours on Pinterest than I care to admit. I have even referred to my pinning activity as curating my boards, by which I mean: I have been filling my head with unrealistic expectations and DIY that I most certainly will never do. Oh how I love it.

Despite making it sound like I have wasted a lot of time in my cyber-obsession (I have), some ideas have stuck in my head, especially the one of having a gallery wall. Over the past few years, Edward and I have committed to the mission of finding and collecting prints that mean something to both of us. Our collection started with a print I gave him as a birthday present, I was still student and I had no money for anything too fancy but the otters holding hands print by Oh My G seemed like the perfect sentimental gift. It resonated with us as we have the same sleeping habits as the otters. Slowly but surely we have been growing our collection, our selection criteria depends entirely on how closely we relate to the picture.

I must say that the one piece that was a turning point for our collection was an incredibly generous wedding gift by Andy, Edward’s best man. It is a signed Tracy Emin poster that I am forever grateful for as it always brings a smile to my face and it has become the centre of our display. All of our prints have huge sentimental value to us, Mariana -my best friend- gave us a heart made out of Mexico and England’s maps as a civil ceremony gift. On the subject of thoughtful gifts, a couple of friends gave us an illustration of Westminster bridge as it is the place were we got engaged. We also have a print by Mexican illustrator Rosie Music  that could easily be a portray of Edward and I on our days off. Some of the others, we have acquired as souvenirs of our trips to Havana and Santorini.

We try to keep our collection playful and meaningful, this is why pieces like the plate by Jimbobart and the Andy Warhol poster are key to dial down the tone while still being relatable as-quite frankly- we are incredibly silly creatures. To be honest, I wouldn’t be able to choose a favourite print as they all have a story behind them, I wouldn’t take Edward’s Wedding Vows typography print over our large wedding photos by Aniela Fotografía or vice versa. The truth is that I love them all and I cherish them so much as they are a visual representation of our story. Our walls are not a fixed space that will ever ´be complete´. Like us, they will continue to change, which is why the first photo is of the latest acquisition that remains unhung and the final photos are of a time when the prints were just a pile on the floor. As I write this, I am already looking forward to the next chapter in our life together and the next picture on our wall.

Mariana Beresford

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