My kind of Sunday

There is no better start to a Sunday than being woken up at 8:37AM by the Ocado delivery man that arrived way too early. That being said, the second best thing is when your husband cooks his signature breakfast that consists of two poached eggs on toast and then we get to eat it in bed.  I must say that one of Edward’s expertise is poaching eggs, he is a pro and I am sure there are chefs out there that would be jealous of his skills. That yolk is always runny, man! That is-for me- the best way of starting a Sunday.

We had a very ambitious plan for this weekend: Saturday was a success, we managed to sleep-in until 9 AM, go to our friends’ leaving do plus we squeezed in two spontaneous naps. That is good time management if you ask me.  For Sunday we had planned sleeping in until 9 again (all ruined by the delivery man), watch La La Land and go to the Columbia Road Flower Market. I have a big crush not only on Ryan Gosling but I also quite like flowers, so for me that is my kind of Sunday.

All of the photos in this post were taken at the Columbia Road Flower Market. Only the last two are back in the flat when I made my amateur flower arrangement. By flower arrangement I mean I put my flowers in a vase and added some eucalyptus leaves, but I really love them. Luckily for us, Columbia Road is only 15 minutes walk from our home so we go there every six months or so but I do wish we went there a lot more often. A few years back I even made a budget proposal of spending £20 weekly in fresh flowers, needless to say it got declined by the husband. This should have tipped off Edward that I am not very financial savvy. Anyways, this time I only had to spend £10 in total for my bunch of roses and fresh eucalyptus.

There are many things that I love about going to this market but I think one of the main reasons I love it is that it is always so vibrant and inviting. It is entertaining to hear the flower-mongers’ strategies to get you to buy flowers and of course they have really high quality products so you end up buying more than you need because we all know flowers are a need. Stay tuned to see how I try to convince Mr Edward that I must go there every Sunday and burn some cash but until then, I am getting ready to watch Ryan Gosling’s dancing moves.

Mariana Beresford


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