Saying goodbye, airports edition.  

You know the tiny bio you have to write on Instagram to appear more interesting? Well, in mine I claim that my heart is set in two places. If I can be honest, I think that is the truest statement amongst the random collection of words I chose to describe myself. My heart is in-between London and Mexico City meaning that I either belong to both spaces at the same time or live in a constant in-between. For me it is the latter.

It is a bit difficult to explain, but when I decided to move to England I am sure I didn’t fully comprehend the extent of my decision. London is the place where I became independent and the place where I started feeling like some sort-of adult, so naturally London holds a very special place in my heart. Here is where I met the love of my life, where I first got a real job, and where I started building my own home with my husband. But then, Mexico is home too. I grew up there, my lovely family is there, my incredible friends are there. For me, the intricate concept of home lays in the relationships you have. So naturally home is London and Mexico City. This is a strange division that becomes more evident whenever I have to say goodbye and this almost always happens in airports.

I am sure that anyone that has moved away from home will understand what I am trying to portray. I thought that as the years went by and the trips became more regular, saying goodbye at airports would become easier, but I was wrong. Despite having said goodbye to Edward on various occassions while we were in a long distance relationship, I still find it hard. But let me tell you that saying goodbye to my family takes a different type of strength that can only be communicated by a long hug. So yes, as you can imagine I am that cliche teary girl at the airport. The one that goes through security looking like a mess and the one who starts her countdown to see her family or husband the minute she boards the plane.

It is not that I don’t want to leave London to see my family, and it isn’t either that I don’t want to leave Mexico City to come back to London. The honest truth is that I will probably cry in every goodbye at the airport but I rest assure that it won’t be long until I find myself at home again.

Mariana Beresford














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