I was about to write a post but I smashed my iPhone screen & I got really annoyed. The musical.

I had decided that yesterday night was the perfect night for my 4th blog post. I did not want to lose my audience. It was all set up, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about but then, out of the blue, I bloody smashed my iPhone screen. I didn’t drop it, no. (I had already done that a few weeks ago.) I bashed my knee against it and made the LCD screen all useless. I got so annoyed. If I pay that much money for a phone I want it to be indestructible. Listen Apple, I don’t want two cameras and Retina display, I want a display that is stronger than a delicate flower. Anyway, I spent the rest of my evening chatting to Isaac from Apple support who in the end gave me all the wrong information. I trusted you Isaac.

I made my way to the Apple store this morning and spoke to one of the Genius (Geniuses, Geniuss?). They sent me to the drop-in queue, the too-eager-to-wait-for an appointment queue A.K.A. “The Desperate queue”. You see, I would have waited for my appointment but it was not until next Friday. Ain’t nobody got time for that. It always amazes me how busy the Genius Bar is. So many broken iPhones. I guess Apple products are really popular or really rubbish. Or all of the above. I waited and now I have a new screen.

I came back home where I was reminded that our bathroom light was broken. In the space of three hours I managed to break three more things: my beloved casserole dish, a plunger that I was trying to use to unblock my sink, and- you know where this is going- my sink. As you read this, Edward is doing candlelit washing up in our bathtub. It is all very fun. If anyone knows a plumber or how to break a curse please don’t hesitate to contact me.

One thing is very clear to me -and I think we can agree on this – it was all Isaac’s fault.


Mariana Beresford


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