how excited am I for Christmas? I’ve been wearing Christmas pyjamas since November.

It was 14th of November and I was in a shop with my mom. She asked me if I wanted anything – I am a responsible, independent adult, of course I still want my mom to buy me stuff. So she did. I chose some nice pyjamas bottoms, in my eyes they were the perfect Christmas themed pyjamas because they had a dog on them. My mom and the rest of the family didn’t even notice the dog and thought I had chosen that pattern because I really like red cars, you will see what I am talking about when you see the last photo on this post. I promise you, there is a dog on those pyjamas! Anyhow, I have been wearing my red-car-Christmas themed pyjamas ever since.

I have a soul so I am obviously obsessed with Christmas. These last couple of years Christmases have been even more special because I get to go back to Mexico where the weather is warm and the food gravy-less. Not that I have anything against gravy, it’s just that I prefer to smother my food in hot sauce. This year I decided to go big on Christmas decorations, I know we are not even going to be in London for the day but I think Christmas is all about the build-up. So I went all old-lady Christmas wild and constructed a, cosy to the eye but painfully uncomfortable in reality, Christmas bed. I got most of the items from George, oh boy! They are cute but it is like sleeping wrapped in cardboard, but you know what they say “No pain, no gain”.

What about the rest of the photos on this post? Well, the cute ginger bread house, I constructed with a friend. I thought we did very well. It may look it was done by an unsupervised 10 year old girl but I assure you it was done by perfectly capable grown ups. It even has pink snow! Mary Berry is crying tears of joy somewhere. The carol singing photo was taken in the UK famous Christmas Tree Festival in Stowmarket. If you ever want some inspiration for Christmas trees or you really need your Christmas smell fix then I would highly recommend going to check it out. It is only 1hr & 20 min away from London. All of these events may require for you to change out of your pyjamas which I do not recommend.

I am sure you will see some more post of me crushing over Christmas but until then I will be changing my sheets to softer ones.

Mariana Beresford

Processed with VSCO with q9 preset


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