we once went to Japan and we are still not over it.

The featured photo for this post was taken 5 min after being woken up. We were staying in a Buddhist monastery in Koyasan when at 7 am sharp someone knocked on our door; a few seconds later they opened the door, took our covers/beds away -whilst still in them- and started putting down a series of tiny bowls with unidentifiable food. The look on Edward’s eyes was of one of a traumatised child, we stood in the corner of the room while we watched these two Japanese ladies transform our once bed into a full blown dining room. It was confusing.

Ever since we came back, there hasn’t been a day were we don’t reminisce of going back. It was an incredible experience that was only possible by a carefully designed travelling plan called The Japlan. If you don’t think that name is genius let me explain it to you, it consists of two words put together: Japan and plan. Are you still with me? Ok. So we basically selected the core and life of each of the words “Ja” for Japan and “Plan” for, well, Plan. Boom! The Japlan was born!

I could easily sit down and write about Japan for a few hours but to be honest I would much rather give you the numbers as we all know I have always been terrible at maths.

Total of cities visited: 5

Times I cried because I was tired: 0

Times I cried because I saw a cute puppy: 1

Number of animals fed (species):  3 or 4 if you count that bird that stole the deer’s food.

Times I though “WTF is that?”: 10000(…)

Times I stood in front of a giant pumpkin: 2

Number of photos taken doing the “V” sign: 5+

Number of photos taken doing the “V” sign since I’ve been back: 0

Times I almost had a panic attack induced by the amount of lights, noise, and music stimulation: At least 1

Minutes spent in one of those purikura photo booths: More than what we care to admit.

*Numbers may vary if discussed with the second party of this trip

Oh Japan! How much we miss you.


Mariana Beresford



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