Remember those times at school when you were sitting in a circle and everyone needed to input something to the discussion and the closer it got to being your turn the blanker your brain got? Well that is me. I am trying to think of the best way of describing myself but I guess it is a difficult task when under pressure. Or I guess it is also easier to describe yourself in past tense as I very strongly believe we are always changing, not in the core but the things that “define you” are never that constant. So I guess I can start by saying I was once a baby, not a chubby one or an outrageously massive one, I was a regular baby that cried when hungry. I guess I have always been a bit shy, not in a strange way just in a regular shyness way; when I was younger my parents were called to school. I got in trouble for being too quiet. How can a Leo be so quiet? I guess I am not a regular Leo then. As I got older I got noisier, never too noisy though, I guess I will always be a bit of an extrovert but mostly an introvert.
I am now a young adult that fantasises about finding her true passion. I guess you could say I like photography and I am goodish at it but I am not talking about the real photography I am talking about the shambles one, the one you take with your iPhone. I also quite like writing, although I haven’t done it in a while, and the last time I properly did it I did it in another language: Spanish. Yeah… I am Mexican, but I live in London. Why? You ask. Well, I got married to an English Boy. Which one? You ask. The one who understands my rubbish sense of humour, the one who waits for me with a bunch of flowers and a box of cheap chocolates after I had a terrible day. Basically I got married to The One. Happy? Indeed.
So, welcome to this random post.

Let’s try this adult-ing together. I sometimes spend more money on aromatic candles than on washing tablets and I, for one, think this is totally justifiable.


Mariana Beresford




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